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ISIS Ukraine Rum Situation & Is Iran Taking Saudi

22 Jun , 2014   Video

ISIS/ISIL, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Rum Situation & Is Iran Taking Over Saudi: Sheikh Imran Hosein’s Interview With Morris. Interview held on 22 June 2014. All 3 Part Inerview.
Iraq Needs A Pluralist State As Does Ukraine (1st Part)
Russia Will Soon Be Forced To Intervene In Ukraine (2nd Part)
Rum and The Hagia Sophia in Constantinople (Exclusive: 3rd part only available on youtube: DaringDeen)
Video Courtesy youtube: 108morris108

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There can be no Peace without Justice, and there can be no Justice without Mercy, and there can be no Mercy without Love, and there can be no Love without Freedom.

Thus when you see the robbing of human freedom, corruption of love, banishment of mercy and replacement of justice with injustice and oppression ~ then you may recognize what kind of System you're in already.

May Allah increase Nur in our heart and mind. May Allah aid us against those who cover up truth and oppress.