Ākhir al-Zamān

The Triangle of Akhir Al Zaman

9 May , 2015   Video

The purpose of this brief address is to direct attention to a very important prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) in which we expose and challenge the bogus fraudulent and utterly futile attempt to identify Najd of the prophecy (and the Satanic Age) with a part of Iraq. The people of Hejaz have never, and will never, recognize ‘Our Najd’ as any other than the Najd of Arabia.

All that we have done is to confirm what is already well known, i.e., that the present Saudi-Wahhabi ruling alliance which came out of Najd, represent the Satanic Age prophesied by Nabi Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam).

We also suggest that the Saudi Najdi naked aggression on Yemen will eventually provoke the Fire of Yemen prophesied by the blessed Prophet. We interpret that ‘Fire’ to be a revolutionary ‘Fire’ which will cleanse Arabia of traitors who succeeded the Ottoman Empire in ruling over Arabia on behalf of Dajjal. We say to our critics: Just wait, and you will eventually see for yourself who is correct in this matter. .

Finally let me advise that the Comments Section be used for making comments and not for pursuing arguments. Those who differ with views expressed for example, may respond with comments and offer, if possible, their own ‘correct’ view, but should refrain from cluttering the Comments Section while endlessly repeating their objections and arguments. I invite them, kindly so, to deliver their own view on the subject in a presentation placed on the internet for public scrutiny.

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Worth Remembering

There can be no Peace without Justice, and there can be no Justice without Mercy, and there can be no Mercy without Love, and there can be no Love without Freedom.

Thus when you see the robbing of human freedom, corruption of love, banishment of mercy and replacement of justice with injustice and oppression ~ then you may recognize what kind of System you're in already.

May Allah increase Nur in our heart and mind. May Allah aid us against those who cover up truth and oppress.